Types of Bathroom Ceiling Lights – Add The Right Amount of Ambiance

types of ceiling light

bathroom ceiling lights
Since lighting is one of the most important features of any room, bathroom ceiling lights are a particularly important decision when you are redesigning or remodeling your bathroom. Choose the wrong one, and the bathroom will just not depict the look you were planning to have. However, if your lighting is right, it will add style and give an attractive finishing touch.

There are many types of bathroom ceiling lights such as spotlights and down lights. Which one of these should you choose? The information below can help you more in this regard.

types of ceiling light
Basic Bathroom Ceiling Lights

The most basic sort of lighting you can have in the bathroom is a central structure on the ceiling. Generally, this is designed to give a sufficient amount of light in the room. While installing such a structure, make sure you do it away from the shower and other water sources so that your safety is not subjected to any risks. If your chosen bathroom design does not call for this, use a close mounted ceiling light that is either completely enclosed or is flushed in an attractive design.

In terms of style, a basic ceiling lights have many options and are either available in the form of a clear or frosted glass. At times, the rim is brushed with chrome or depicts an antique look for extra edginess.

Recessed or Down Lighting

A recessed down lighting is often available in an affordable range, which makes it a preferable choice for many homeowners. Moreover, they are special designed and so are not affected by condensation. Though the standard product gives you plenty of lighting, use one with halogen bulbs provides a better illumination. Since a single product often does not give enough light, recessed lighting comprises of three or five units.

As with the basic bathroom ceiling lights, recessed or down lighting is also available in many styles. They may have a brass, chrome, polished or shiny white border.


If you want accent or task lighting, a spotlight in the bathroom is what you should have. These are often available in the form of bars, which can be fitted as a single product and pointed at any one spot that demands attention. This is often the place on top of the mirror, where an ample amount of light is always needed.

 Now that you have all information regarding the different types of bathroom ceiling lights, you should decide your budget and conduct a thorough search. There are so many pictures on the internet that can give you some very good ideas. Accordingly, choose a product that not only suits the style you want but also gives the amount of lighting you want to have. If your budget allows, you can even put a number of bathroom ceiling lights to have a more classy touch.



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