3 Dishwasher Buying Tips

plastic rack in dishwasher


Thought I would share a few dishwasher buying tips with you. Recently our dishwasher packed it in, and I had to go out, and buy a new dishwasher. Never had to do that before.

We bought our dishwasher our one and only dishwasher off our neighbor who remodeled his kitchen about seven years ago. So I think the dishwasher is about 14 years old. So it’s time to buy a new one. So if you are remodeling your kitchen, or deciding to buy a new dishwasher I hope these tips help out.

stainless steel dishwasherThree things that greatly, I found greatly affects the price of a dishwasher is:

1. The finish on the outside affects the cost. Stainless steel being the most expensive compared to a white one, or a black one.

44db-dishwasher2. Another thing that increases the price is the sound of the actual the dishwasher. So if you look at some of these images I took of the sound is measured in decibels. So 44 decibels is a really low sound.

The lower the number, the quieter the dishwasher. So obviously the quieter the dishwasher is the more you pay. So the 44 was the lowest I saw. I’m sure you can get lower ones, but 44 was the lowest one. The less expensive ones get up into the 50’s, here’s one 57. So I’m sure that’s pretty loud.

ss-bottom-dishwasher3. Another thing that affects the cost, of the cost of the dishwasher was the type of tub. So a stainless steel tub with a stainless steel door seem to be the most expensive. If you look at the image there is a stainless steel tub on all the walls, and the bottom is stainless steel, and the door here as well, it’s all stainless steel.So if you look at these cheaper plastic ones, cheaper models they are all plastic. So plastic reduces the cost.

plastic rack in dishwasher

Another thing that you might want to watch for is what the racks are made out of. The cheaper ones are made out of plastic, and you can see in here all the plastic racks, but the tub is also plastic. And the better racks are the nylon racks.

These three things I really noticed affect the cost was the finish on the outside, stainless steel being the most, the sound of the dishwasher, so the quieter the dishwasher the more it cost, and the inside tub being stainless it’s going to cost you a bit more.

I hope these tips help you buy your next dishwasher.

3 Dishwasher Buying Tips first appeared on http://www.remodelingho.com

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