Tips for Selecting the Right Bathroom Fan

picture of bathroom fanA bathroom fan is often used because it caters to your comfort and also improves the air quality by transferring the moist hot humid air outside. As such, the humidity levels go down, and you do not suffer from problems like steamy mirrors, pealing wall paint, mold growth and so on. So while deciding on a bathroom fan, what should you consider? Yes, pricing and budget are important, but other than that, there a number of other factors that should be evaluated.


According to Chicago bathroom remodeling a fan is specified by the ability with which it can move air. This is measured in cubic feet per minute, abbreviated as CFM. Generally, a bathroom fan will have a rating between 50 CFM and 110 CFM. If the size of your bathroom is big, you should choose a fan that has a greater rating. Similarly, if you want better performance, then also you should opt for a bathroom fan with higher CFM.

If you ask us, we would suggest that you choose a fan that has a CFM rating, capable of completely replacing you bathroom air once in every 8 or 10 minutes.

Bathroom Size

The size of your bathroom also has an effect on the CRM ratings you require. As a rule of the thumb, if the area of your bathroom is less than 50 square feet, a fan with a CFM rating of around 50 will do well. For areas larger than this, a grater CFM value will be more appropriate.
The minimum CFM rating is given as the product of your bathroom’s height, length, width and the factor 0.13.


Do you prefer absolute quietness or does a little amount of noise not bother you at all? Depending on this, you have to choose a soundless bathroom fan or one that makes some noise.  The amount of noise emitted by a bathroom fan is measured in sones, where one sone is the amount of noise produced by a quiet refrigerator. Obviously, the lower this value is, the lesser noise the bathroom fan will produce.
Generally, if the sone rating is in the range of 1.5, the fan can be considered as quiet.


If you have never previously installed a bathroom fan before, you may want place it where your lighting is so that the need for additional wiring is eliminated. Some products integrate both a fan and a light, and you can even go for this one. As for the style, these products are available in many decorative designs, which will still make your bathroom look classy.

Other Features

There are some features that are not offered by every bathroom fan, but can be a good choice depending on your needs. For instance, some products are integrated with a heater, and others are based on timed controls.
With that being said, we are now sure choosing a bathroom fan is not going to be that difficult for you.



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