Bathroom Vanities With Sinks – The Latest Styles in the Market

Are you searching for the latest styles and types of bathroom vanities that have a sink so that to can give your bathroom a new and better look? There are a lot of options available in this regard, and you can choose any of them as long as it is in your budget. A simple wall hung sink is just available for around $50, but quality bathroom vanities are pricey, and the costs can go up as much as $5,000. Some of these are available as a single product and others are installed with cabinetry. Bathroom vanities with tops are also quite common because the sink and vanity are combined together.

Here are some types of bath vanities with sinks that were seen the most this year.

wall mounted sinkWall Mounted Sink

The wall mounted sink is a really common option that is installed in those bathrooms where there is not a lot of space. These sinks are directly fixed onto the wall with special wall hanger brackets, and do not require any floor support. Plumbing can either be concealed or exposed and is fixed beneath the sink.



pedestal sinkPedestal Sink

The pedestal sink is another classic type of bathroom vanities that is preferred when space is an issue. However, it is also used in huge bathrooms, serving as the focal point of the entire design. The sink is mounted on top of a pedestal that so fixed onto the floor and wall as well for extra stability. Plumbing lines are fastened inside the pedestal and remain concealed.


vessel sink vanityVessel Sink Vanity

Vessel sink are modern bathroom vanities, featuring a new and unique look. The sink is mounted on a countertop that is fixed to both the wall and the floor. Just as the look is different, so are the faucets and drain pipes that are installed with it. The faucets can either be mounted on the deck or affixed to the wall. As for the vessel, you can use any object that you look. Just make sure it is artistic enough; popular choices are granite, china, alabaster stone and blown art glass.


cabinet style vanity

Cabinet style Vanity

Cabinet style vanity can be used by itself or with any other types of bathroom vanities that have been discussed above. Both a single and double bowl can be installed over a solid counter top. The quality of this bathroom vanity is often high, and so can be the prices.


framed sinkFramed Sink

The framed sink is also installed over a counter top, often made with laminate, granite or other types of stone. The sink is fixed into the counter top and the edges are covered with a metallic frame. Usually, pressed steel is used as the sink material.


All of the above types of bathroom vanities are easily available at any online store. The prices are reasonable, and in some cases, you can even find discount bathroom vanities. So begin your search, choose your favorite style and give you bathroom a classy new touch.


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