3 Basement Remodeling Ideas To Get You Started!

basement remodeling ideasThese days, basements are a fully-functional part of a house. If your home’s basement is anything less than that then it is time to consider remodeling your basement to bring it up to par. Basement remodeling is the perfect way to make over an underutilized basement into your family’s favorite place to hangout!

Remodeling your basement is also a guaranteed way to increase the value of your home. The fact is that a home with a livable basement will have twice the marketable square footage when compared to a home without a finished basement. It is also quite affordable to open up and re-do a previously unappealing basement. Basement remodeling will cost you less than half the cost of an above ground addition.

Here are 3 basement remodeling tips for making your basement into a beautiful living space.

Know Your Local Building Code

Your first step would be to check out the local building codes. These codes have been put into place by your local authorities to ensure the safety of the home’s occupants. Your local codes may mean that you will have to invest in smoke and CO detectors, GFI receptacles, outside combustion, fire proof materials and emergency window well egress for your basement.

Find a contractor who is knowledgeable about the codes. And don’t work with anyone who promises you a basement remodeling without the right permits.

Deal with the Damp

Inspect your home’s foundation and check for any water wells between the slab and the foundation wall. Also, if there are cracks in the foundation, you will need to get your basement waterproofed first before the remodeling begins.

Also, use waterproof materials when finishing the basement. These work well against water and moisture and save your basement from any water damage in the future. Waterproof materials include wall panels, moisture-proof drop ceilings, mold-proof PVC and under-floor systems, special coatings that adhere to your outside foundation.

Get the Lighting Right

Chances are that your remodeled basement won’t have any natural light flooding through it. But it will have dropped or recessed ceilings that are great for installing track lights, energy-efficient led pot lights and fluorescent fixtures. Also try perimeter lighting with recessed spotlights, scones and LED wall washers. A bit of simulated natural ambient light can make any space seem bigger.

The Last Word:

Basements have a bad rep for being dark, dingy, moldy places that can only be used as a storage space. But basement remodeling is a great of repurposing the space for many purpose and activities. Make it a media room, wine cellar, gym, playroom, man cave or anything else you can think of. If you are thinking about giving your basement a makeover, first browse through our website for basement remodeling ideas and tips to find good contractors to get the job done or use our tips for your next diy project.

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